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Our Commitment
Our Commitment

The development team is committed to ensuring construction projects in Mattapan lead to jobs for Mattapan residents. The Cote Village development in Mattapan is using 100% union labor. The development team is committed to meeting and exceeding the hiring goals required under the Boston Residents Jobs Policy and HUD's Section 3. One of the goals of Cote Village is to create opportunities as many jobs as possible for residents within the community; including women and minorities. 

Ways to Apply for Jobs at Cote
Contact the Jobs Coordinator & Submit an Application

For more information on applying for jobs at Cote, contact Bilt-Rite Construction's Compliance Coordinator, Krissy Magown. Krissy will be available to answer questions in person on site every Thursday from 10AM-12PM, but you can pick up and drop off an application from the mailbox on the site at 30 Regis Road at any time.

617-541-9777 ext. 101

If you are picking up an application, look for this sign and a white mailbox.

Sumit an Application
Get In Person Assistance
Get In Person Assistance & Meet with the Jobs Coordinator On Site

Krissy Magown will be available  to meet with applicants in person to answer questions and assist in filling out applications every Thursday from 10AM-12PM. These meetings will be at the Cote Village construction trailer , accessible via the site entrance at 30 Regis Road.  

Apprenticeship Calendar

Because all job opportunities for the project will be in collaboration with our construction labor union partners, hires on Cote Village may need to move through union apprenticeships in order to be hired. Please see the calendar below for information about apprenticeship opportunities through the Building Pathways and specific unions that our team has gathered. Please see the MetroBTC website and the Building Pathways website for additional information.

Apprenticeship Calendar
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